Capital Campaign

A Note from the Capital Campaign Chair

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

It is time to “make good” on a promise made a decade ago.

In 2008, OLA conducted a feasibility study to determine our parish’s priorities. Overwhelmingly, the Parish believed that a new Parish Hall was our greatest need. However, due to cost, competing needs, and a looming recession, the decision was made to begin with a $3 Million dollar campaign to upgrade the school and Church, both in dire need after years of deferred maintenance. That Campaign was a great success. Over $3 Million was pledged and 98% of those pledges came in, even during some very difficult years economically. The Church was upgraded (do you remember the purple carpet?). The School was completely renovated, with updates to roofing, climate control, electrical, and plumbing systems. If you donated to Phase One, thank you! Rest assured your money was well and efficiently used.

If you came to OLA after 2010, we’re glad you are here! We hope you share the desire to continuously improve our school, our Church, our Community.

We had the best of intentions to move on to Phase 2, but there was always a reason to put it off. No longer. The time is now! OLA needs a new Parish Hall. OLA needs a new Preschool. OLA needs a new Youth Center and Extended Care facility. These are plans that have been in motion for a decade, but the time to ACT on these ideas is now.

We are fortunate to have three honorary Chairmen of this Campaign. Our current Pastor, Fr. Eduino Silveira; and two former Pastors, Fr. Michael Kiernan and Fr. Brendan McKeefry. All three believe in this project and all three have already made personal pledges to the Campaign.

Please take the time to review the materials, attend an informational session, and prayerfully consider making a pledge. Let us never forget—when we walk into a Church or school for a first time— someone else has sacrificed time and money to build something that we now enjoy. This project is not just for us, but is our solemn paying forward of promises made long ago.

“…where two or more gather in my name, I am there with them.” MATTHEW 18:20

Thank you and God Bless OLA,

Kelly Brothers,
Campaign Chair


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